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Descriptions - Listing of 90-Minute Ministry Tapes and Message Content/Description
What you see below is a list of 90-minute prophecy audio tapes, each of which includes accompanying visual pages, which are referred to as ‘charts’. These constitute the extensive revelation, by and from God to the true prophet of the last days, of the prophetic meaning of the events of the world’s history, especially the events in the approximate 2000-year time period from the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ to the present day. These tapes with their accompanying charts reveal the fulfillment of prophecies in the book of Daniel, the book of Revelation, and in the other books of scripture.

In addition to the list of prophecy tapes and charts on this web site, see our adjoining web site at This site contains The Complete List of Audio Messages from the 'Our Foundation’ Radio Program. Each message is approximately 4 minutes in length and is available for your listening directly online. In these messages you will find the true gospel, and there is no other.
  Foundation Series    
#1-1 All Nations Under God The heresy of "One Nation Under God" 1 Corinthians 3:11
#1-2 The Cross Age Heavenly Kingdom vs. Earthly Kingdom citizenship Mark 8:34
#1-3 Resist Not Evil Jesus' doctrine that clarifies "carrying your cross" Matthew 5:39
#1-4 Love Not The World Why a friend of the world is an enemy of God 1 John 2:15; James 4:4
#1-5 Spirit Of Harlotry How the church became a harlot Revelation 17:1-5
  Human Rights Series    
#2-1 Peace Through Rights The world's doctrine of world peace through rights Isaiah 2:1-4
#2-2 Dominion And Rights Scriptural view of the separation of church and state John 18:36
#2-3 Natural Rights God was not the inspiration of the United States Declaration of Independence 1 Corinthians 2:14
It is said by the many false prophets that America can be found nowhere in prophecy. Exactly the opposite is true.
The in depth understanding of America in bible prophecy begins here ...
  Little Horn Beast Series    
#3-1 Beast Out Of The Pit The United States is the beast out of the pit Revelation 17:08
#3-2 Daniel 7:8 - Liberty Bell The United States is the little horn kingdom Daniel 7:8
#3-3 Daniel 7:8 - July 4, 1848 The three uprooted - England, France and Spain Daniel 7:8
  New World Series    
#4-1 Columbus Why God designed an Old World and New World Hebrews 11:10
#4-2 Of The Seven Revealing "the seven" mountain kingdoms Revelation 17:11
#4-3 May Day Millennium The 6th millennium is a counterfeit May Day rest Hebrews 4:9-10
#4-4 Two Cities Babylon the Great vs. the New Jerusalem of God Revelation 18:10
#4-5 1776 Foundation 1776 - The New Order of the ages Hebrews 11:10
  White Men Series    
#5-1 The Christian Race The Christian race vs. the "rights" race Daniel 12:10
#5-2 Darwin & Lincoln Why Darwin & Lincoln were born the same day 1 Corinthians 2:14
#5-3 White Women The Biblical pattern of submission 1 Corinthians 11:3
  Divided Kingdon Series    
#6-1 Daniel 2:41 The historical fulfillment of Daniel 2:41-43 Daniel 2:41-43
#6-2 Franco-American Union The French Connection with America in prophecy Daniel 2:40-43
#6-3 Head Wounds Eisenhower and Hitler in bible prophecy Revelation 13:3
#6-4 Operation Overlord D-Day in bible prophecy Revelation 19:16
#6-5 Healing With Clay The crushing of Hitler and Germany in bible prophecy Daniel 2:41
  Challenger Series    
#7-1 Gone With The Wind The Space Shuttle Challenger in bible prophecy Daniel 2:35
#7-2 Hammers And Nails U.S. - Hammer of the whole earth Jeremiah 50:23
#7-3 Kill Devil Kingdom Harry Truman and the atomic bomb in prophecy Revelation 13:2-4
#7-4 First Lady Of The World The Great Whore America-Babylon Ephesians 2:2
  Goddess of Freedom Series    
#8-1 Sitting On The Circle Of The Earth The goddess atop the U.S. Capitol Isaiah 40:22
#8-2 Thy Kings Cometh Understanding the Ten Horns Revelation 17:12
#8-3 Taming The Beast December 2, 1863 in bible prophecy Isaiah 11:6-7
#8-4 Bleeding Kansas The role of Kansas in bible prophecy Psalm 22:16
#8-5 Leghorn - It Is Finished Matching up Dan. 2, Dan. 7, Rev. 13, Rev. 17 Daniel 7:8
#8-6 Three Ring Challenger Why God destroyed the Challenger Daniel 2:35
#8-7 Piercing Him Religious freedom vs. spiritual freedom Zechariah 12:10
  Conquerors From The North Series    
#9-1 VI Kings The Vikings in bible prophecy Isaiah 14:13
#9-2 By His Stripes The Stars and Stripes vs. His stripes Isaiah 53:5
#9-3 The Crown Shift Understanding Rev. 12:3, Rev. 13:1 Revelation 13:1
#9-4 91:1 - The Hiding Place Call on Him Psalm 91:1
#9-5 The Thigh Master William the Conqueror in bible prophecy Revelation 19:16
  Civil War Series    
#10-1 The American Dream The American Civil War in bible prophecy Daniel 2:36
#10-2 Doubleday The role of Abner Doubleday in bible prophecy Daniel 2:41-43
#10-3 A House Divided The American Civil War in bible prophecy Matthew 12:25
#10-4 Footes Of Clay Henry Clay and the American Civil War Daniel 2:41
#10-5 Cleaveland President Grover Cleveland in bible prophecy Daniel 2:43
  Stamp Act Series    
#11-1 Stamping The Residue The Stamp Act's birth of America Daniel 7:7
#11-2 The House Of Hanover Why German kings sat on England's throne Daniel 7:7
#11-3 U.S. Steel U.S. Steel and Bethlehem Steel in bible prophecy Revelation 19:15
#11-4 Another Foundation The faulty foundation of the Declaration of Independence 1 Corinthians 3:11
  William Penn Series    
#12-1 Philadelphia Philadelphia, Pa. - the counterfeit of Rev. 3:7 Revelation 3:7
#12-2 Revelation 17:01 - The Greatest Show On Earth Ringling Bros. in bible prophecy Revelation 17:15
#12-3 An Open Door William Penn in bible prophecy Revelation 3:8
#12-4 The United Nations The United Nations in bible prophecy Isaiah 2:4
  James Madison Series    
#13-1 The Con Way Bill Of Rights The Bill of Rights in bible prophecy Revelation 17:12
#13-2 A Man Named Eve James Madison in bible prophecy Genesis 3:16
#13-3 Godfrey And The Great Crusade D-Day in bible prophecy Revelation 13:1
#13-4 The Vane Gospel What is worshipping God "in vain"? Matthew 15:9
#13-5 Addison's Disease Patrick Henry's "Liberty or Death" gospel Genesis 5:1
  Montgomery Series    
#14-1 The Lord Mighty In Battle Eisenhower-Montgomery in bible prophecy Psalm 24:8
#14-2 The Old North Church Lexington and Concord's role in bible prophecy 2 Corinthians 6:15
#14-3 Cradle Of The Confederacy Montgomery, Alabama in bible prophecy 2 Kings 2:9
#14-4 Stone Mountain Why there is a Stone Mountain, Georgia Daniel 2:45
#14-5 National Freedom Day The Civil Rights movement in bible prophecy Hebrews 12:1
#14-6 The Women Of Montgomery The Montgomery Bus Boycott in bible prophecy Ephesians 2:6
#14-7 Philadelphia, Mississippi Why the murders occurred in Philadelphia, Miss. Revelation 3:7
#14-8 The U.S. Grant Ulysses S. Grant in bible prophecy Revelation 3:21
#14-9 The Kings Of Selma God's role for Selma, Alabama John 12:15
#14-10 We Shall Overcome The gospel of the lukewarm Laodicean church 1 John 5:4
  Martin Luther King Series    
#15-1 No King But King Jesus The United States is Babylon the Great Joshua 24:15
#15-2 American Gandhi Gandhi's role in deceiving the world 2 Corinthians 6:15
#15-3 I Have A Dream Martin Luther King's role in deceiving the world Daniel 2:28
#15-4 Every Mountain Made Low Why God killed Martin Luther King Jr. on 4/04/68 Isaiah 40:4
#15-5 James Ray Why James Ray was the assassin James 1:11
#15-6 The Time Of Reformation The Protestant Reformation counterfeit of Heb. 9:10 Hebrews 9:10
#15-7 Martin And War Glenn Luther Martin and Martin Luther 2 Corinthians 10:4
#15-8 Luther Martin - Plymouth The deadly fruits of Plymouth, England Revelation 13:1
#15-9 The Augsburg Confession The "Just War" doctrine in the Augsburg Confession Hebrews 9:10
#15-10 Gettysburg Seminary Why the first Lutheran seminary was at Gettysburg Matthew 7:17-18
#15-11 Here I Stand The error of the Lutherans in America Matthew 7:24-25
#15-12 1701 Martin Luther Kings The Philadelphia church vs. the Laodicea church Revelation 17:1
#15-13 Horns And Teeth Understanding that ten horns equal ten toes Daniel 7:7
#15-14 Black Power The spirit of "Black Power" isn't white raiment Revelation 3:18
#15-15 Scarlet The scarlet whore of the scarlet beast Isaiah 1:18
  John Calvin Series    
#16-1 Grace John Calvin did not understand the gospel Matthew 6:14-15
#16-2 John Calvin The joke of heaven - Calvin's Geneva 1 Corinthians 15:55-57
#16-3 Calvinism The bloodshed of the Reformation Matthew 4:8-9
#16-4 Rights "Under The Law" The Calvin foundation for Babylon the Great Revelation 22:14
#16-5 The Woman That Reigns Seeing the church of Adam and Eve Revelation 17:18
#16-6 John Calvin Coolidge President John Calvin Coolidge in bible prophecy Isaiah 9:6
#16-7 Lord Of Megiddo "Lord of Armageddon" Edmund Allenby in prophecy Zechariah 14:4
#16-8 Woodrow Wilson Woodrow Wilson in bible prophecy Isaiah 2:3-4
#16-9 Yugoslavia Why Yugoslavia is center stage in the last days Titus 2:9-11
#16-10 Masters And Slaves The Biblical understanding of masters and slaves Ephesians 6:9
#16-11 1914 White Armies Why World War I began in 1914 Revelation 19:14
#16-12 At Last Free Prophetic understanding of the U.S. entry into WWI John 8:31-32
#16-13 Until Shiloh Comes More on Woodrow Wilson's role in bible prophecy Genesis 49:9-10
#16-14 Treaty Of Versailles God's purpose for WWI and the Treaty of Versailles Jeremiah 51:7
#16-15 Image Of The Beast Why the League of Nations and the U.N. are the Image of the Beast Revelation 15:2
#16-16 The Rockefellers The Rockefeller's role in the Image of the Beast Revelation 13:2
#16-17 Palace Of Apollyon Louis XIV, the Sun King, in bible prophecy Revelation 9:11
#16-18 Sun Kings Understanding the American sun kings Revelation 9:11
#16-19 Bartholdi's Liberty Understanding God's hatred of the Statue of Liberty Exodus 20:4
#16-20 Whiskey Rebellions The French Revolution in bible prophecy Revelation 17:2
#16-21 Bowing To Baal To serve America is to serve Baal Romans 11:4
#16-22 Versus The Alien Why Versailles means "versus the alien" Revelation 19:19
#16-23 Red Armies vs. White Armies Why Indians were the first in America Isaiah 1:18
#16-24 V. I. Lenin Why a man named Lenin founded the USSR Revelation 19:14
#16-25 Archangel The Russian Civil War in bible prophecy Revelation 19:14
  Russia Series    
#17-1 Double Split The division of the Roman Empire in bible prophecy Daniel 2:41
#17-2 Diocletian's Split God's use of Diocletian to fulfill Dan. 2:41 Daniel 2:41
#17-3 Land Of Tin Early Britain in bible prophecy Daniel 2:41
#17-4 York Constantine's role of prototype antichrist Revelation 6:2
#17-5 Beasts In The East Constantine's role in bible prophecy Revelation 6:2-4
#17-6 Sevenfold Sun Constantine's role in bible prophecy Isaiah 30:26
#17-7 Con Substantial Seeing Constantine's error which continues today 1 Corinthians 4:8
#17-8 Justinian's Code The Byzantine Empire in history and prophecy Galatians 4:4
#17-9 World Prince Beginnings of the Kievan Russian Empire John 14:30
#17-10 The Red Sun Russia chooses its religion John 14:30
#17-11 Holy Russia Why God ordained that Russia become Orthodox Romans 6:3-4
#17-12 Ishmael Nations History of the rise of the Arab nations and why Galatians 4:22-23
#17-13 486 Abortions France's beginnings in 486 a.d. and why Psalm 48:6
#17-14 Germany - Russia Double Germany and Russia in bible prophecy Revelation 17:10
#17-15 9th Kingdom Counterfeit Explaining Germany, Russia, America in prophecy Revelation 17:10-11
#17-16 Prussia Russia Understanding Prussia's role in Daniel 2:41-43 Daniel 2:41-43
  Time of the End Series    
#18-1 Omega Antichrist Understanding George Bush in bible prophecy Daniel 12:8-9
#18-2 Double Fantasy The Assassination of John Lennon in prophecy Daniel 12:8-9
#18-3 Time of the Start Meaning of Dan. 7:25, "and think to change times" Daniel 7:25
#18-4 Covenant of Salt True and False covenants of salt 2 Chronicles 13:5
#18-5 The Spirit of Holy Bush Why the USSR ceased to exist in 1991 Exodus 3:2
#18-6 Mr. Begin The role of Menachem Begin Isaiah 11:6-7
#18-7 Lenin and Bush The prophetic relationship of Lenin and Bush Genesis 19:24
#18-8 Lenin as Christ Understanding why God raised up V.I. Lenin Hebrews 4:11
#18-9 Two Horns Like a Lamb The fulfillment of Revelation 13:11, when and how Revelation 13:11
#18-10 Tigris of the West Why New Babylon U.S. fights "Old Babylon" Iraq Revelation 18:3
#18-11 George Clinton Why Clintons were prominent in early America Revelation 18:6
#18-12 End of the Mad Era Why Jeremiah 51:7 reads "the nations are mad" Jeremiah 51:7
#18-13 Oslo God ordained that the secret Oslo talks begin on the day of Clinton's inauguration Jeremiah 51:7
#18-14 The Green Goddess Sept. 13, 1993 and Norway's Brundtland in prophecy Daniel 2:43
#18-15 Green Peace Understanding Greenpeace in bible prophecy Exodus 34:13
#18-16 Manhattan Projects The U.S. has its own idolatrous Groves Exodus 34:13
#18-17 Uranium 238 Daniel 2:38 and Babylon's Uranium 238 Daniel 2:38
#18-18 I Saw Heaven Opened The counterfeit "Second Coming in Wrath" Revelation 19:11
#18-19 Thunder and Lightning Thunder judgments of man in the name of God 1 Samuel 2:10
#18-20 Critical Mass The Bush and Clinton of the atomic bomb Revelation 13:4
#18-21 Rosemary's Baby Mia Farrow and Rosemary's Baby in prophecy Daniel 12:8
#18-22 Dakota Rebellions The role of the Dakotas in bible prophecy Daniel 12:8
#18-23 Hail The Tiger! Tiger and Augusta in bible prophecy Revelation 18:6
#18-24 Three Babies and a Man The babies of Roman Polanski Job 41:31
#18-25 Helter Skelter The media has ill-advisedly distorted the Matthew 24:4
#18-26 Church of the Final Judgment Manson tapes to deceive the world Matthew 24:4
#18-27 Ten Kings The identity of the ten kings Daniel 7:7-8
#18-28 It's Your Judgment Day Manson, also a Beast out of the Pit Revelation 17:8
#18-29 Seven Shepards God's purpose for the Space Race Matthew 24:7
#18-30 I Am The Law Maker The warnings to America for becoming the judge of the world Isaiah 2:3
  Churchill Series    
#19-1 Hairy Sons Learning what makes an Esau nation Philippians 3:18-20
#19-2 Indiana Harrison Part 1 The presidential Harrisons in bible prophecy Genesis 25:25
#19-3 Indiana Harrison Part 2 The reason for Harrison Ford's Ark of the Covenant 1 Peter 2:9
#19-4 Indiana Harrison Part 3 The Sept. 13, 1993 peace covenant in prophecy Ephesians 2:14
#19-5 Replacement Temples Man's replacement for the true temple of God Matthew 24:2
#19-6 Ark of the Covenant The role of Bill Clinton in bible prophecy Hebrews 8:8
#19-7 Not Made With Hands The temple made with hands vs. without hands Hebrews 9:24
#19-8 The Death of Diana Part 1 The Death of Princess Diana in bible prophecy Acts 19:27
Alexander the Great
#19-9 The Death of Diana Part 2 Why the Temple of Diana was destroyed Revelation 18:4
"Come Out of Her My people" the night that Alexander the Great was born
#19-10 The Death of Diana Part 3 The Death of Princess Diana in bible prophecy Revelation 18:7
The May Queen
#19-11 The Death of Diana Part 4 The body of the beast vs. the body of Christ Daniel 7:11
The Body of the Beast
#19-12 The Death of Diana Part 5 The body of Americans is the body of the beast 1 Corinthians 3:16
The Temple of Americans
#19-13 The Death of Diana Part 6 The Spencers and Churchills in bible prophecy Revelation 18:6
#19-14 The House of Orange England's Glorious Revolution of 1688 in prophecy Daniel 7:11
#19-15 The Marlborough Man Why men named Churchill led England Matthew 7:26
#19-16 The Divorce of the Church God's judgment of the great whore Revelation 17:01
#19-17 The Spanish Armada Sir Francis Drake / Spanish Armada in prophecy Revelation 13:2
#19-18 Operation Dynamo Dunkirk and Operation Dynamo in bible prophecy Revelation 17:12-13
#19-19 Dunkirk Dunkirk reveals the "church on the sand" Daniel 7:21
#19-20 Andover Revelation 15:2 and Andover, Mass. Revelation 15:2
#19-21 The Atomic Clock The meaning of the death of Jon Benet Ramsey Revelation 18:21
#19-22 Dark Horse Rider Revealing the Black Horse Rider of Revelation 6:5 Revelation 6:5
#19-23 Ben Nighthorse Campbell The reason for the Nighthorse Revelation 6:5
#19-24 Colorado Mined Colorado's role with the atomic bomb Philippians 3:19
#19-25 State of Babel The 38th state of Babel Matthew 4:8
#19-26 City of Brick Denver's role with the atomic bomb Genesis 11:3
#19-27 Antwerp The Enola Gay in bible prophecy Isaiah 2:17
#19-28 Little Big Horn The battle of Little Big Horn in bible prophecy Revelation 6:5
#19-29 A Pair of Balances The fulfillment of "a pair of balances" in Rev. 6:5 Revelation 6:5
#19-30 The Presidents' Chaplain Mount St. Helens and its Harry Truman Luke 3:5
#19-31 Bigfoot Mount St. Helens in bible prophecy Psalm 8:6
#19-32 The Galloping Ghosts Billy Graham in bible prophecy Amos 8:11-12
#19-33 Aspin & Peres The 1991 Gulf War in bible prophecy Daniel 5:26-28
#19-34 Sousa John Philip Sousa's role in bible prophecy Habakkuk 1:6
#19-35 U.S. East America's role as the second Media-Persia Daniel 5:26-28
#19-36 Setting the Captives Free The Iran Hostage Crisis in bible prophecy Isaiah 61:1
#19-37 The Peacock Throne God's role for David Sarnoff and NBC 1 Kings 10:22
#19-38 Live Aid Why "Live Aid" occurred on July 13, 1985 Revelation 6:5-6
  Pearls Before Swine Series    
#20-1 Birth Pangs Hawaii and Pearl Harbor in bible prophecy Matthew 24:7
#20-2 The Dragon and the Pearl Japan, Hawaii and Pearl Harbor in bible prophecy Matthew 13:45-46
#20-3 Pharaohs and Damiens The leper colony at Molokai and its meaning Revelation 18:2
#20-4 Damien's Wake Explaining Damien and "the habitation of devils" Matthew 10:7-8
#20-5 Boar Wars The swine theme with America's history Matthew 7:6
#20-6 Pig Abomb-inations Today's version of pig sacrifices in the temple Leviticus 11:7
#20-7 Death of Hi Rams Understanding Daniel 8:7 in bible prophecy Daniel 8:7
#20-8 Syria Antiochus IV Epiphanes and Daniel 8:9 Daniel 8:9
#20-9 Greece 2 The latter day Daniel 8:9 little horn antichrist Daniel 8:23
#20-10 Antioch Role of Antioch for the church and anti-church Acts 11:25-26
#20-11 Numbered 526 Why the earthquake struck Antioch on 5/26/526 a.d. Daniel 5:26-28
#20-12 Epiphanes The Maccabees 1 Peter 2:5
#20-13 January 17, 1991 - Epiphanes Temple The prophetic meaning of the start of the Gulf War 1 Peter 2:6
#20-14 Toward the South The meaning of "toward the south" in Daniel 8:9 Daniel 8:9
#20-15 Toward the East "Toward the east", its latter day fulfillment Daniel 8:9
#20-16 NATO NATO and the Warsaw Pact in bible prophecy Daniel 8:9
#20-17 Giants in the Earth NATO in bible prophecy Genesis 6:4
#20-18 Helmut of Salvation The meaning of the fall of the Berlin Wall Isaiah 59:17
#20-19 Dark Sentences The fall of the Warsaw Pact in scripture Daniel 8:23
#20-20 The Four Freedoms The secondary understandings of Daniel 8:8-9 Daniel 8:8
#20-21 The Brandenburg Gate Latter day understandings of Daniel 8:8-9 Daniel 8:8-9
#20-22 I. Berlin Why "God Bless America" was written by a man named Berlin Daniel 8:23
#20-23 Sea of Glass Understanding Kristallnacht in bible prophecy Revelation 15:2
#20-24 The Sinatra Doctrine God's ways are not Frank's ways or man's ways Isaiah 55:8-9
#20-25 Brave New World Indonesia in bible prophecy Revelation 17:1
#20-26 The United States of Indonesia Why Suharto ended when Sinatra ended Psalm 97:1
#20-27 U.S.S.R. Titanic The Titanic in bible prophecy Revelation 15:2
#20-28 The Bride and the Lord God's warning through the Titanic Proverbs 1:28
  Kennedy Series    
#21-1 Worshiping Ford The book Brave New World in bible prophecy Isaiah 2:17
#21-2 Rainbow Warriors The latter day Flood that is not seen 2 Peter 2:5
#21-3 Watergate Watergate in bible prophecy Genesis 6:17
#21-4 Daniel Flood Why the floods of Agnes occurred with Watergate Daniel 9:26
#21-5 Wilkes-Barre The Wilkes-Barre Watergate flood Daniel 9:26
#21-6 Nixon Independence The revealing of Dan 7:8 through Nixon's ancestor Daniel 7:8
#21-7 Cuba Castro and July 26, 1953 in bible prophecy 2 Peter 2:4-5
#21-8 Americuba Why Cuba is in the Western Hemisphere Revelation 17:11
#21-9 Animal Farm Animal Farm and the Bay of Pigs in bible prophecy Matthew 7:6
#21-10 Cuban Missile Crisis The Cuban Missile Crisis in bible prophecy Ephesians 6:16-17
#21-11 President Helmut Head Why Kennedy said, "I am a Berliner" Daniel 7:10-11
#21-12 His Deadly Wound The proper interpretation of Rev. 13:3 vs. guessing Revelation 13:3
#21-13 The Vietnam Syndrome Vietnam and the head wound to America Revelation 13:3
#21-14 Ho Chi Minh Ho Chi Minh in history and bible prophecy Revelation 13:3
#21-15 The Splitting of Vietnam Prophetic history of North and South Vietnam Revelation 13:3
#21-16 The Murder of Diem The Assassination of Diem and its meaning Revelation 13:3
#21-17 PT 109 The warning to Kennedy, but he could not hear Revelation 13:9-10
#21-18 The Avengers The anointing of George Bush the elder for his role Romans 12:19
#21-19 Reading the Writing More on the Challenger explosion in bible prophecy Daniel 5:7
#21-20 Kennedy-Johnson Why God placed Kennedy and Johnson together Daniel 5:7
#21-21 Fahrenheit 451 The Kennedy Assassination in bible prophecy, and its dire warnings Daniel 7:10-11
#21-22 Captive Nation The counterfeit of "setting captives free" Revelation 13:10
#21-23 The Great Divorce Why C.S. Lewis died the day John Kennedy died Romans 11:22
  Korea Series    
#22-1 The Chosen Nation Korea, the chosen nation, in bible prophecy John 15:19
#22-2 THE BATTLES FOR SeOUL Why the nations battled for Seoul Philippians 3:18-19
#22-3 The Birth of Kim IL Sung Kim Il Sung, born the day the Titanic sank John 15:19
#22-4 The Death of Kim IL Sung And the death of Kim Il Sung in bible prophecy Daniel 7:8
#22-5 A Famine of Hearing Last days famine of hearing the words of the Lord Amos 8:11
#22-6 Finding Leviathan What we are to see in Job chapter 41 Job 41:1
#22-7 The Deep What we are to see in Job chapter 41 Job 41:31
#22-8 Big Switch The Big Switch of the 7th and 8th kingdoms Matthew 16:26
#22-9 Parallel Gogs Ezekiel 38 & 39 are separate yet "parallel" Gogs Ezekiel 38:2
#22-10 Waterworld Why the atomic bomb and Waterworld had Enolas 2 Peter 2:5
#22-11 The Babylon Gog The Babylon Gog and the Russian Gog in scripture Revelation 13:11
#22-12 The Evil Empire Reagan's "Evil Empire" speech in prophecy Job 41:34
#22-13 The New Ocean of Space The Space Race in scripture Rev. 13:1, Rev. 17:10
#22-14 NASA NASA in bible prophecy Revelation 17:10
#22-15 Tommy The meaning of Tommy, the pinball Messiah Revelation 13:4
#22-16 M*A*S*H M*A*S*H in bible prophecy Genesis 10:23
#22-17 Apollo Warnings God's warnings through the Apollo program Ezekiel 39:3
#22-18 People Are Grass The killing of Martin Luther King Jr. in prophecy Isaiah 40:3-8
#22-19 Apollo 13 The reason for the events of Apollo 13 Revelation 13:11
#22-20 The Houston Problem God's problem with Houston Revelation 13:11
#22-21 Brass Why Ronald Reagan was once Brass Bancroft Ezekiel 39:1-3
#22-22 Brass II Ronald Reagan and Star Wars in bible prophecy Ezekiel 39:1-3
#22-23 Leaving the Sixth Part What exactly is "the sixth part of thee"? Ezekiel 39:2
#22-24 The Lone Star Why there is one remaining superpower Isaiah 14:13
#22-25 1911 True Men Counterfeits of the Lord's judgment from Heaven Revelation 19:11
#22-26 State of the Union God's judgment on the USS Indianapolis Job 41:34
#22-27 Shah Shaw God's prophetic purposes for placing Bernard Shaw and CNN in Baghdad as the Gulf War began Ezekiel 39:2
  Wall Street Series    
#23-1 Daniel 9 Introduction to Daniel 9 and its 70 weeks Daniel 9:25
#23-2 Two Pairs of Balances Role of Nebuchadnezzar's double victories in 605BC Revelation 6:5
#23-3 Sixty-Sevens Explaining God's Sixty-Sevens Daniel 9:25
#23-4 O Lord, Forgive! God shortened Jeremiah's 70 years Jer. 25:12, Dan. 9:19
#23-5 Black Sabbath Understanding man's covenant "for one week" Lev. 25:4, Dan. 9:27
#23-6 The Princip That Came Revealing who is "the prince that shall come" Daniel 9:26
#23-7 Ronald WILSON Reagan Woodrow Wilson and Ronald Reagan in prophecy Daniel 9:26
#23-8 The Six Day War The Six Day War in bible prophecy, and why Jerusalem was captured on 6/7 of '67 Daniel 9:25
#23-9 Mystery Comma Mystery comma Babylon the Great Revelation 17:4-5
#23-10 Hebron History of Hebron, including Abraham's Covenant Genesis 17:4
#23-11 The Birth of Arafat Why Yasser Arafat was born on August 24, 1929, on the same day as the Hebron Massacre Daniel 9:25
#23-12 Wall Street Crashes Wall Street crashes in 1929 and 1987 in prophecy Daniel 9:25
#23-13 The Broad Walls of Babylon Read Jer. 51:58 as a warning to America-Babylon Jeremiah 51:58
#23-14 The Philistine Plagues Plagues for the Raiders of the Ark of the Covenant 1 Samuel 4:17
#23-15 Plague Bacillus Revealing the plagues of America-Babylon Revelation 18:4
#23-16 The Rat of Diana More on the death of Princess Diana in prophecy Revelation 18:4
#23-17 Late Night Television God's use of the media to fulfill prophecy 2 Thessalonians 2:7-8
#23-18 LENO(N) God's use of the media to fulfill prophecy 2 Thessalonians 2:7-8
#23-19 The Kingdom of Letts God's use of the USSR as the restrainer 2 Thessalonians 2:7-8
#23-20 Tanis Roots Tanis, Egypt and Rosemary's Baby's tannis root Numbers 13:22
#23-21 Signs and Lying Wonders Understanding Satan's signs and lying wonders 2 Thessalonians 2:7-9
#23-22 Revealed in His Time Bill Clinton in bible prophecy 2 Thessalonians 2:6
#23-23 Madeleine Albright Madeleine Albright in bible prophecy Judges 5:26
#23-24 Woman in a Basket Babylon's move from Mesopotamia to America Zechariah 5:5-11
#23-25 Wings of Abomination Explains moving the basket of wickedness west to new America-Babylon Zechariah 5:5-11
#23-26 The Wright Brothers The Wright Brothers in prophecy, again and again 1 Thessalonians 5:4-5
  Pale Horse Series    
#24-1 The Great Schism Why Serbia is prominent in the last days Revelation 6:8
#24-2 Lost Colony God's reason for the Lost Colony of Croatoans 2 Corinthians 4:3
#24-3 The Austrian Succession Hapsburg Empire and Franz Joseph I in prophecy Revelation 6:8
#24-4 Young Turks The Ottoman Empire and New Turkey in prophecy Revelation 1:4
#24-5 101 Dalmations The reason for the Lincoln-Kennedy "coincidences" Jude 23
#24-6 Yesterday's Serbia Why Serbia's history unfolded as it did Jude 23
#24-7 The First Balkan War Setting up World War I in bible prophecy John 8:32
#24-8 Karageorge The Serbian hero Karageorge in bible prophecy Daniel 7:25
#24-9 IO God Understanding the root of Western philosophy Colossians 2:8
#24-10 1876 Independence Serbia's history in the 1800's, and why Daniel 7:8
#24-11 The Great Balloon Race God's use of Picard and the Piccards Isaiah 40:22
#24-12 Serbian Horse Rider Setting up World War I in bible prophecy Daniel 4:11
#24-13 The Black Hand The assassination of Franz Ferdinand in prophecy 2 Samuel 21:20
#24-14 Pale Assassin The assassination of Franz Ferdinand in prophecy Revelation 6:8
#24-15 The Partitions of Poland The partitions of Poland in bible prophecy Revelation 6:8
#24-16 The Pale of Settlement How and why God herded the Jews into the Pale Revelation 6:8
#24-17 The Red Pale The Lord's preparation for the Holocaust Revelation 6:8
#24-18 Tsar Liberator Understanding Russian Tsars in bible prophecy John 8:32
#24-19 Tsar Oppressor Romanov Dynasty and their oppression of Poland John 8:32
#24-20 Dual Alliance The doubles of Germany and Austria-Hungary Daniel 2:41
#24-21 Lazar Us The role of tired, poor Emma Lazarus in prophecy Luke 16:19-20
#24-22 Kishinev The symbol of tribulation for the Jews Revelation 6:8
#24-23 Winter Sabbath Flight The Kishinev pogrom and what it began Matthew 24:20
#24-24 The Russo - Japanese War This war began a Russia-Japan link in prophecy Revelation 6:8
#24-25 The New Last Tsar The murder of Nicholas II & his family in prophecy Psalm 75:5
#24-26 Danzig Hel Why the Jews should not have spit in Jesus' face Matthew 26:67-68
#24-27 Barbarossa Operation Barbarossa in bible prophecy Revelation 17:10
#24-28 Nuremberg Judgments The antichrist Nuremberg race laws Matthew 7:1-2
#24-29 The Speck Murders The meaning of the Richard Speck murders Matthew 7:3
#24-30 The Reformation Speck Understanding the speck of the Reformation Hebrews 9:10
#24-31 Auschwitz II The spiritual destruction of the saints Revelation 6:8
#24-32 Brest Feed Woman The large role of Brest, Belorussia in prophecy Isaiah 66:10-12
#24-33 Eastwood Oswald Lee Harvey Oswald in bible prophecy Revelation 6:8
#24-34 The Final Solution The Final Solution's Martin Luther Daniel 7:11
#24-35 Magyar Millenniums The kingdom of Hungary in bible prophecy Revelation 6:8
#24-36 To Kill With Hungary More on the "prince that shall come" that came Daniel 9:26
#24-37 The Disappearance of Earhart The Lord's purpose in Earhart's disappearance Isaiah 40:22
#24-38 Universal Nurse The Lord's purpose in Earhart's disappearance Matthew 24:19
#24-39 The Saipan Photo The Lord's purpose in Earhart's disappearance Revelation 13:9-10
  Moon Series    
#25-1 The Moon and Israel Modern Israel and the moon, due to Genesis 37:9 Genesis 37:9-10
#25-2 Twelve Stars The European Union, its history and prophetic role Revelation 12:1
#25-3 Smyrna Jews The birth of Israel and the "synagogue of Satan" Revelation 2:9
#25-4 Smyrna Arabs When seeds of Isaac become seeds of Ishmael Revelation 2:9
#25-5 The CUP Revolution Why the Turks' CUP revolution is tied to Jer. 51:7 Jeremiah 51:7
#25-6 Turkey & Babylon Why the Ottoman's once ruled what now is Iraq Jeremiah 51:7
#25-7 Sea of Tranquillity The July 20, 1969 moon landing in bible prophecy Daniel 7:20
#25-8 Outer Space Treaty Why God chose Jan. 27, 1967 for the Apollo I fire Daniel 8:25
#25-9 Chaffee Holocaust A picture of Americans given to the burning flame Matthew 3:11-12
#25-10 Forever as the Moon The counterfeits of God's eternal kingdom Psalm 89:36-37
#25-11 Babylon's Sin America's sins reaching unto heaven Revelation 18:4-5
#25-12 Man of Sin The Clinton impeachment in scripture 2 Thessalonians 2:3
#25-13 A Moon With Horns Why God had the second war with Iraq occur simultaneously with the Clinton impeachment Revelation 12:1
#25-14 Livingston II Why the double Robert Livingstons in U.S. history Jeremiah 51:58
#25-15 Living Stone Sacrifices Geo. Washington, the counterfeit chief cornerstone 1 Peter 2:5
#25-16 Queen of Heaven Jeremiah's temple warnings Jeremiah 7:18
#25-17 St. Louis Floods The 1993 Mississippi river floods in bible prophecy Daniel 9:26
#25-18 Baseball Slavery Baseball's "Doubleday" role in bible prophecy Daniel 9:26
#25-19 The Lindbergh Baby Charles Lindbergh in bible prophecy Revelation 6:3
#25-20 America First Lindbergh's role in pre-World War II, and why Daniel 2:41
#25-21 The Spirit of St. Louis The Crusades and Louis IX in bible prophecy Daniel 9:26
#25-22 Thessaloniki The surrender at Yorktown in bible prophecy Acts 17:6
#25-23 Nicomedia Revealing the white horse rider of Revelation 6:2 Revelation 6:2
#25-24 The Letter Quakes Seeing the churches of Philadelphia and Laodicea Revelation 3:21
#25-25 The Great Idea The history of Greece in the 1800's Acts 17:6
#25-26 Venizelos Venizelos and Thessaloniki in history Acts 17:6
#25-27 Venizelos part II Venizelos and King Constantine I Acts 17:6
#25-28 New Greece The prophetic role of Thessaloniki in WWI Acts 17:6
#25-29 Spirit of '76 Significance of the "Spirit of '76" in prophecy Acts 17:6
#25-30 The Odour of Cologne The 1999 war for Kosovo in bible prophecy Daniel 2:46-47
  2 Chinas Series    
#26-1 The Great Wall From the Great Wall to the fall of the Manchus Revelation 17:12
#26-2 Ten Ten The October 10, 1911 revolution in bible prophecy Revelation 17:12
#26-3 Pigtail Rulers Sun Yat Sen and Yuan Shih Kai in bible prophecy Leviticus 11:7
#26-4 May Fourth Movements May 4, 1970 Kent State shootings in bible prophecy 1 Corinthians 1:20
#26-5 People's Liberation Army Why Lindbergh flew when the Red Army was born Revelation 9:16
#26-6 The Long March Overview of the 1934-1935 Long March Revelation 6:3
#26-7 Mao Why Mao-Tse Tung's name was Mao Jeremiah 51:7
#26-8 Kings of the East Revealing the real Kings of the East Revelation 16:12
#26-9 The Great Leap The China-U.S. double in bible prophecy Daniel 7:8
#26-10 Tibet Tibet in bible prophecy Isaiah 2:17
#26-11 Everest Mt. Everest in scripture and why it's in Tibet Revelation 17:11
#26-12 The Arrest of Wen Ho Lee Reveals who is the real 8th kingdom of Rev. 17:11 and who are the 200,000,000 horsemen of Rev. 9:16 Revelation 9:16
#26-13 Battle for the Third World Why God ordained there be a Third World Revelation 9:15
#26-14 Glory Glory Man United January 1, 2000: Man united against the Lord Psalm 2:1-6
#26-15 Open Door Trade Explains the China and U.S. "Open Door" history 1 Corinthians 12-13
#26-16 Eight Eight Earthquake God's purposes in the 1976 Tangshan earthquake Revelation 17:11
#26-17 The Cultural Revolution History of the Cultural Revolution Revelation 17:12
#26-18 Gang of Four Why there was a "Gang of Four" in China's history Revelation 17:12
#26-19 Tiananmen Square June 3-4, 1989 Tiananmen Square event in prophecy Revelation 6:3-6
#26-20 The Forbidden City The Forbidden City and Peking Man Genesis 2:17
#26-21 Solidarity Solidarity and Lech Walesa in bible prophecy Exodus 3:2
#26-22 Rushing Nations Iran's Ayatollah Khomeini in bible prophecy Isaiah 17:13
#26-23 Her Oil, Her Lamp The Exxon Valdez disaster in bible prophecy Matthew 25:8
#26-24 Liverpool Deaths Liverpool's hidden role with the Mark of the Beast Isaiah 26:1-2
  Mark of the Beast Series    
#27-1 Between Thine Eyes Revealing the Mark of the Beast Exodus 13:16
#27-2 The Song of Moses Why the founder of the Communist system that would oppose the U.S. was named Marx Revelation 15:3
#27-3 The Wealth of Nations Karl Marx and Adam Smith in bible prophecy, and why The Wealth of Nations was published in 1776 Revelation 14:11
#27-4 Savannah The role of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil Genesis 2:17
#27-5 Keynes and Abel Keynes and the American dollar in bible prophecy Revelation 13:16-18
#27-6 Fatima God's purpose for the 1917 Fatima apparitions Revelation 13:14
#27-7 The Holy Alliance Pope John Paul II in bible prophecy Revelation 13:11
#27-8 One Horn Like a Lamb Pope John Paul II in bible prophecy Revelation 13:11
#27-9 Vatican II Pope John XXIII and his Pacim in Terris in prophecy Revelation 13:11
#27-10 The Gorbachev Mark Mikhail Gorbachev in bible prophecy Revelation 13:11-12
#27-11 The Time of Trouble Revealing the "time of trouble" of Daniel 12:1 Daniel 12:1
  The Wilderness Series    
#28-1 The Dancing Sun Understanding the "dancing sun" of Oct. 13, 1917 Joshua 10:13
#28-2 Immaculate Conceptions The role of Pope Pius IX in deceiving the Catholics Revelation 12:5
#28-3 The Apotheosis of Washington Meaning of the ridiculous paganism throughout the U.S. Capitol Revelation 12:5
#28-4 The Town of Hercules Mt. Vesuvius' destruction of Pompeii in prophecy Revelation 12:5
#28-5 Pompeii People Why the Capitol is decorated in Pompeian style Revelation 12:5
#28-6 The Earth Swallowed Revealing the events of Revelation 12:16 Revelation 12:16
#28-7 Appomattox Floods Why God brought Lee and Grant to Appomattox Revelation 12:15-16
#28-8 Desolation King James I of the King James Bible in prophecy Revelation 12:6
#28-9 Midst of the Week Revealing "a time, and times, and half a time" Revelation 12:14
#28-10 Duel of Eagles Revealing "two wings of a great eagle" Revelation 12:14
#28-11 Delaware Why God ordained Delaware to be The First State Revelation 12:7
#28-12 Wars in Heaven Wars in Heaven manifested on earth Revelation 12:7
  Blair House Series    
#29-1 The Exorcist The movie The Exorcist in prophecy Revelation 18:2
#29-2 Blair House Washington D.C.'s Blair House in prophecy Revelation 18:2
#29-3 McCambridge Oxford and Cambridge and man's lower education Genesis 2:17
#29-4 Rescue at Entebbe Half the story of Y. Netanyahu's death in prophecy Revelation 6:5
#29-5 Valley of the Great Rift Why the Jordan River is on the Great Rift Valley Daniel 12:5-6
#29-6 A Clockwork Orange More on God's theme of orange in bible prophecy Daniel 7:25
#29-7 Eyes Wide Shut Adam & Eve's eyes were open, but shut Genesis 3:7
#29-8 Boris Yeltsin Boris Yeltsin in prophecy Daniel 12:1
#29-9 21st Republic Why the wars in Chechnya signal the last days Daniel 12:1
#29-10 First Chechnyan War Why the wars in Chechnya signal the last days Daniel 12:1
#29-11 Mrs. Robinson Why the wars in Chechnya signal the last days Daniel 12:1
  Hannibal Series    
#30-1 The Peace of Carthage The remarkable, hidden prophetic role of Carthage Daniel 2:41
#30-2 Hannibal Hamlin God is weary of hearing that Abraham Lincoln is not in bible prophecy. He is the portrait of the antichrist. Genesis 16:16
#30-3 Mark Twain Twain would find no humor in his prophetic role Daniel 12:5-6
#30-4 Buffalo Bills More on the Bill of Rights' war with God Revelation 17:12
#30-5 The Silence of the Lambs part 1 Why God allowed the 1972 (Mark Spitz) Munich Olympic massacre Matthew 26:67
#30-6 The Silence of the Lambs part 2 Revelation 17:16
#30-7 New Madrid Meaning of the largest earthquakes in U.S. history Revelation 16:18-19
#30-8 Silence in Heaven Why Richard Nixon died on April 22, 1994 Revelation 8:1
#30-9 The Pierces to the Gores part 1 Franklin Pierce and his family tragedies in prophecy Zechariah 12:10
#30-10 The Pierces to the Gores part 2 George W. Bush and Al Gore in prophecy John 19:34-37
  Dan Series    
#31-1 Twain One New Man The temple is built through the cross, not the sword Ephesians 2:14-16
#31-2 The Birth of Dan The reason for the Revelation 7 missing tribe of Dan Genesis 30:1
#31-3 19:48 Dan Israel's founding in 1948 Joshua 19:48
#31-4 Dan - Daniel Tying Jeroboam's Dan to Daniel's Nebuchadnezzar Judges 18:29-31
#31-5 Manasseh God's reason for Manasseh being divided Genesis 41:51
#31-6 Of Calfs and Men The tribe of Dan and Nebuchadnezzar's image 1 Kings 12:28-30
#31-7 The Bulls of Bashan When the spirit of Manasseh equals Dan Psalm 22:12-13
#31-8 Dan, Israel History of the British Mandate for Palestine Joshua 19:47-48
#31-9 Phoenician Temples Why the Lord had Hiram help Solomon Acts 17:24
#31-10 Hiram Leagues Hirams, and temples made with hands 1 Kings 5:1-12
#31-11 A Great Multitude Why the tribe of Dan is missing in Revelation 7:1-8 and where it can be found Revelation 7:9
#31-12 Palms in Their Hands Why a great multitude have palms in their hands Revelation 7:9
#31-13 Palms and Temples Relationship of palms and temples in prophecy Mark 11:8
#31-14 Hurt Not the Earth The first Earth Day of April 22, 1970 in prophecy Revelation 7:2-3
#31-15 Denmark Danmark Why Denmark is geographically above Germany Revelation 7:3
#31-16 The Wilderness Society The Wilderness Society's role in prophecy Revelation 7:3
#31-17 The Finger of Galilee God's reasons for Rehoboam's "little finger" 1 Kings 12:10
#31-18 Global Warming Global warming in prophecy Revelation 7:3
#31-19 The Star Wormwood God designed the Chernobyl disaster to represent "Wormwood", and why Revelation 8:10-11
#31-20 The Georgia Star Why there is a Georgia, US and a Georgia, USSR Revelation 8:10-11
#31-21 Waters of Chernobyl What God meant by the waters "made bitter" Revelation 8:10-11
#31-22 The Star God The Soviet Union's Star City Amos 5:7-8
#31-23 Destruction of the Third World The meaning of "the third part" in Rev. 8 Revelation 8:12
#31-24 High Mountain of the Fourth World What is "a great mountain burning with fire" Revelation 8:8-9
#31-25 Locusts Have No King Knowing the locusts, whose king is Apollyon Revelation 9:1-3
#31-26 Men Shall Seek Death Patrick Henry's pitiful, unbiblical "give me liberty, or give me death" in prophecy Revelation 9:6
#31-27 D-Day D-Day in prophecy Revelation 9:11
#31-28 The Pilgrim's Progress How and why God ties the Pilgrims to The Pilgrim's Progress to reveal Revelation 9 Revelation 9:11
#31-29 The Bunyan Foot More on John Bunyan and The Pilgrim's Progress Revelation 6:8
#31-30 The Higgins Boat More on D-Day in bible prophecy Revelation 9:11
#31-31 Swallowing Camels The cigarette industry in bible prophecy Revelation 9:2,6
#31-32 The Turkish Blend Camels and "The Greatest Generation" Matthew 23:24
#31-33 This Present Holocaust The great American smoke out of the pit Revelation 7:3
#31-34 Industrial Revolution America becomes Satan's "Arsenal of Democracy" Revelation 9:2
#31-35 Homestead The 1892 Homestead Steel Strike in bible prophecy Revelation 9:5
#31-36 Dan Freeman Why Dan Freeman was America's 1st Homesteader Hebrews 11:10
#31-37 The Furnaces of Vulcan Mt. Etna, and America's Sons of Vulcan Revelation 9:2
#31-38 Haymarket Square Haymarket Square in bible prophecy Revelation 14:13
#31-39 International Harvester God's design of the history of McCormick Reaper / Int'l. Harvester to show the harvest of the wicked Revelation 14:15-16
#31-40 Every Man's Work Samuel Gompers and Labor in bible prophecy 1 Corinthians 3:13
#31-41 Labor Pains of May 1, 1889 The Socialist International in bible prophecy Revelation 14:13
#31-42 John Calvin Gompers Why John Calvin Coolidge was born on July 4, 1872 Revelation 14:13
#31-43 The Prince of Radio Why God ordained that America's first radio broadcast was the day of Harding's election Ephesians 2:1-2
#31-44 All Your Labors Shall Come To Naught God says America's labors are in vain Jeremiah 51:58
#31-45 Upon a Shattered Shoulder God's reason for Bob Dole's shattered shoulder Isaiah 9:6
#31-46 The Coffin Sisters The early women's movement in bible prophecy Zechariah 5:8-9
#31-47 Ten Months to Selma Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton Revelation 9:8
#31-48 Braintree Why the Bushes are doubles of the Adamses Genesis 2:17
#31-49 Geneva's Frankenstein Why the Lord created Frankenstein 1 Corinthians 11:7
#31-50 Black Wells The American Blackwells without water 2 Peter 2:17
#31-51 As the Teeth of Lions The Lord's purpose for Samson's long hair Judges 13:3-5
#31-52 Miracles of Warsaw August 26, 1920 Woman's Suffrage in prophecy Revelation 9:8
#31-53 Power Over the Fourth Partition Why Poland was partitioned a fourth time Revelation 6:8
#31-54 Stings in Their Tails What are the Locusts with "stings in their tails" Revelation 9:10
#31-55 Quaker Women Why the battle against slavery was led by Quakers Isaiah 11:6
#31-56 Vatican - PLO Pact Why the Pope made a pact with Arafat Revelation 13:14
#31-57 Remember the Maine The Spanish-American war, enormous in prophecy Revelation 9:8
#31-58 Drawn Out of Niles Why Pres. William McKinley was born in Niles, and his prophetic assassination Exodus 2:10
#31-59 Rising With Mary The double events of November 1, 1950 Revelation 17:18
#31-60 The Panama Canal Revealing the Panama Canal in bible prophecy Jeremiah 51:7
#31-61 Columbia's Drugs Why God designed that drugs come from Colombia Revelation 18:23
#31-62 The Ghosts Election Understanding Panama's 20th century in prophecy Revelation 17:18
#31-63 The Eighth Wonders Part of America becoming the "kings of the east" Revelation 17:8
#31-64 Drug Czars By America's sorceries are all nations deceived Revelation 18:23
#31-65 The Death of Two Escobars God's purposes for two Colombian Escobars Revelation 18:23-24
#31-66 Halvdan Lie The first U.N. Secretary General was named Lie 2 Thessalonians 2:11-12
#31-67 Troublous Times The Wall Street Crash of 1929 in prophecy Daniel 9:25
#31-68 Pueblo People Why Wilson collapsed after speaking at Pueblo Daniel 9:26
#31-69 USS Pueblo The USS Pueblo incident in prophecy Daniel 9:26
#31-70 Venice Venice's history in prophecy, including St. Mark Revelation 15:2
#31-71 The Meeting at Guayaquil South America in bible prophecy Revelation 18:23-24
#31-72 South American Abels Simon Bolivar and his two Columbias Revelation 18:23-24
#31-73 The Fighting Kelloggs The Kellogg-Briand Pact in bible prophecy Leviticus 11:7
#31-74 The Catcher in the Rye J.D. Salinger and his book, and why Isaiah 40:7
#31-75 The Little Book What is the "little book" in Revelation 10? Revelation 10:1-2
#31-76 Ledgers God's warning thru his judgment on John Kennedy Daniel 7:10
#31-77 The Tennis Resolution How Daniel 2:42 is tied to U.N. Resolution 242 Revelation 10:1-2
#31-78 Pillars of Fire The fall of Ferdinand Marcos in prophecy Revelation 10:1
#31-79 His Accidency The Assassination of James Garfield in prophecy Revelation 13:2
#31-80 MacArthur's Return The prophetic meaning of MacArthur's Return Revelation 10:1-2
#31-81 The Little Red Book Why Red China was founded on Oct. 1, 1949 Revelation 10:1-2
#31-82 Seven Thunders The shooting down of the "spy plane" KAL 007 Revelation 10:4
#31-83 007 James Bond and 007 in bible prophecy Revelation 10:4
#31-84 Rainbow Warriors II Greenpeace's Rainbow Warrior in prophecy Revelation 10:1-2
#31-85 Time Warner The warnings through the Time-Warner mergers Revelation 10:5-6
#31-86 Ending the Silent Era God's warnings through the Warner Bros. Revelation 10:5-6
#31-87 The Voice of Bell Voices of freedom vs. voices of God Revelation 10:5-7
#31-88 The Summer is Ended Why God had Hurricane Hugo strike Charleston Jeremiah 8:20
#31-89 Justice for All Answers the media's sorrowful question as to why the girl who died in the explosion of TWA 800 was born the day of the Challenger disaster Revelation 10:6
#31-90 God Belly Explains the little book, in the mouth and belly Revelation 10:10-11
#31-91 Moby Dick God's reasons for Moby Dick 1 Kings 18:19-20
#31-92 The 451st Prophet of Baal God's prophetic design in the death of the Oh, God! false messenger-prophet of God, John Denver 1 Kings 18:19
#31-93 2300 Years Seventh Day Adventists and their errors Daniel 8:14
#31-94 2300 Days Revealing the 2300 days of Daniel 8:14 Daniel 8:11-14
#31-95 Maine Woman Maine in prophecy along with Ellen G. White Revelation 13:1
#31-96 Battle Creek Battle Creek's Kelloggs vs. Post, and why Revelation 6:3-6
#31-97 Persephone's Return The great harvest of democracy is the great harvest of the wicked Revelation 14:6
#31-98 Sojourner Truth Sojourner Truth casting truth to the ground Daniel 8:12-14
#31-99 Battle Hymn of the Republic The Battle Hymn of Satan's Republic in prophecy Genesis 14:18
#31-100 The Grapes Began to Ripen Why the grapes are fully ripe Revelation 14:16-19
#31-101 The Grapes Are Fully Ripe The election of George W. Bush in prophecy Revelation 14:16-19
#31-102 Outside the City Why "the winepress was trodden without the city" Revelation 14:19-20
#31-103 1600 Stadia From Lincoln to Bush; multiplying Ishmael's seed Genesis 16:10
#31-104 Frogmen Why are the three unclean spirits "like frogs"? Revelation 16:13
#31-105 Unseen Armageddon Man's Armageddon vs. God's Armageddon Revelation 16:16
#31-106 Huldah's Prophecy Why King Josiah was slain at Megiddo 2 Chronicles 35:20-22
#31-107 Cavalry Calvary The Cavalry battle of Megiddo vs. the Cross John 19:17-18
#31-108 The False Prophet The Chaplain of the Presidents, Billy Graham Revelation 16:13
#31-109 Abner David and Abner and their significance in prophecy 2 Samuel 3:26-27
#31-110 Ornan's Threshingfloor Why the temple was built on Ornan's Threshingfloor 2 Chronicles 3:1
#31-111 The 288,000 The revealing of the 144,000 Revelation 7:4
#31-112 Two Olive Trees Comparing Zechariah 4 with Revelation 11 Zechariah 4:11-14
#31-113 Zechariah's Visions Preparing for Revelation 11 Zechariah 4:11-14
#31-114 The Branch Why "measure the temple of God" (Rev. 11:1)? Revelation 11:1-4
#31-115 Court of the Gentiles Answers: Who are Gentiles, Who are Jews Revelation 11:1-2
#31-116 A Reed Like A Sceptre Why God had Jesus smitten with a reed Revelation 11:1
#31-117 Heaven Can Wait The role of Heaven Can Wait in bible prophecy Matthew 11:7
#31-118 Killings By McVay Tim McVeigh, double of McVay, USS Indianapolis Revelation 11:2
#31-119 The Holy City Under Foot Jerusalem above is free, but has a counterfeit Revelation 11:2
#31-120 Mr. Jordan Man Dan. 12:5 Jordan River West Bank-East Bank rift Matthew 3:13-17
#31-121 The Rabin Assassination Rabin's assassination in prophecy and why Daniel 9:27
#31-122 Forty and Two Months Reveals the 42 months of Rev. 11:2 and Rev. 13:5 Revelation 11:2; 13:4-6
#31-123 Two Rivers Peace Volga and Jordan Rivers conjoined in prophecy Daniel 12:5-6
#31-124 The Death of Thomas Paine Thomas Paines at the start and end of U.S. history Daniel 12:5-8
#31-125 The Left Hand Raised Clinton-Lewinsky: Why her name means "left hand" 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4
#31-126 1290 Days Revealing the 1290 days of Daniel 12:11 Daniel 12:11
#31-127 1335 Days Revealing the 1335 days of Daniel 12:12-13 Daniel 12:12-13
None of the Wicked Understand ..... But the Wise Understand.
#31-128 We Will Bury You The U.S.S.R.'s Nikita Khrushchev in bible prophecy Revelation 6:3-6
#31-129 Khrushchev's Son The U.S.'s Khrushchev's son in bible prophecy Daniel 12:12-13
#31-130 Red Graves The Red Grave theme in bible prophecy Ezekiel 39
#31-131 Red Graves Two The double Redgraves at 39th Academy Awards Ezekiel 39
#31-132 East Wind, West Wind Mao's "east wind prevails" boast in prophecy Ezekiel 39:1-3
#31-133 Kursk & Kursk Putin and the Kursk sub disaster in prophecy Revelation 17:10
#31-134 The Second Death Does the "second death" have power over you? Revelation 20:5-6
#31-135 Making Two Kims Into One The role of the Korean Kims in bible prophecy Ephesians 2:14-15
#31-136 Making One Kim Into Two Revealing the "two witnesses" Revelation 11:3
#31-137 1260 Days - Twice Revealing "1260 days" of Revelation 11:3 Revelation 11:3
#31-138 Toward Kim Dae Jung Why Kim Dae Jung won the Nobel Peace Prize Ephesians 2:14-15
#31-139 First Coming Elijah The prophesied first coming Elijah, John the Baptist Malachi 4:5
#31-140 Second Coming Elijah Revealing the prophesied second coming Elijah Malachi 4:5
#31-141 U.S. Moses The Elijah and Moses of the last days Exodus 3:8
#31-142 The Song of Witness The Song of Witness and Revelation 11 Deuteronomy 32:1-2
#31-143 The Power to Shut Heaven The famine of hearing the words of the Lord Revelation 11:6
#31-144 City of Sodom and Egypt Why the Lord spiritually calls America "Egypt" Revelation 11:8
#31-145 Sodom and Egypt, Part II Why the Lord spiritually calls America "Sodom" Revelation 11:8
#31-146 The Second Paul Revere Satan's Paul Revere, God's Paul Revere Acts 17:6
#31-147 The Beast's Witnesses The Beast making war against the witnesses Revelation 11:7
#31-148 Candlestick Quake Meaning of Oct. 17, 1989 World Series earthquake 2 Peter 2:1-6
#31-149 Sodom by the Sea San Francisco and its first earthquake in prophecy Revelation 11:7-8
#31-150 Pan Am Flight 103 The Pan Am flight 103 disaster in prophecy Revelation 14:18
#31-151 USSR with Libya Revealing Libya's role before the Second Coming Ezekiel 38:3-5
#31-152 Global Warming Gog The reason God is warming up the earth 2 Peter 3:7-8
#31-153 Simon of Libya What the Lord was showing thru Simon of Cyrene Luke 23:26
#31-154 Mussolini in Libya Libya was Italy's colony to fulfill prophecy 1 Corinthians 2:7-8
#31-155 Beware of the Desert Fox When America's Lord was in the desert Matthew 24:26
#31-156 Libyan Independence God's unique history for Libya and the U.N. Psalms 2:2-3
#31-157 Wheels as Burning Fire The meaning of "wheels as burning fire" Daniel 7:9
#31-158 Ticonderoga Explaining "he is in the secret chambers" Matthew 24:26
#31-159 The Chamberlains Neville Chamberlain in bible prophecy Matthew 24:26
#31-160 The Desert Fox Desert Storm/Desert Fox in prophecy Matthew 24:26
#31-161 The Shores of Tripoli The Proud. The Deceived. The Marines in prophecy. Matthew 24:26
To those of you who are fighting against me - you are fighting against God himself.
#31-162 The Last Emperors Pu Yi in Prophecy - how and why Revelation 17:12
#31-163 The Timing of Kyoto Bush's rejection of Kyoto in prophecy Revelation 7:3
#31-164 The Green Regime God's role for Colonel Qadhafi Revelation 7:3
#31-165 Voices in the Desert The world hears these voices Matthew 24:26
#31-166 Nations of Chad The Chads of Africa and America Daniel 2:34-35
#31-167 Scramble for Africa Europe's colonialism of Africa in prophecy Daniel 7:8
#31-168 Curse of Noah God's purpose of Noah's drunkenness Genesis 9:21-27
#31-169 No Time For Slaves God's fulfillment of Noah's curse Genesis 9:25-27
#31-170 Father of Pan-Africanism Undoing Noah's curse Genesis 9:25-27
#31-171 The Manchester Conference The liberation of Africa in prophecy Genesis 9:25-27
#31-172 Aids for Africa Spiritual AIDS / Mark of the Beast Genesis 9:25-27
#31-173 Nasser Egypt's Nasser in bible prophecy Genesis 9:27
#31-174 The Suez Canal Why Britain had a Prime Minister Disraeli Genesis 16:10
#31-175 Red Sea Deliverer Last Days' burning Bush deliverers Exodus 3:2
#31-176 Mountains of the Moon The British Empire in bible prophecy Revelation 6:7-8
#31-177 The African Horn Operation Restore Hope in bible prophecy Daniel 7:8
#31-178 The Suez Crisis The Suez Crisis in prophecy Revelation 12:15-16
#31-179 The Hungarian Revolt Hungary's history in prophecy Revelation 6:7-8
#31-180 The Yom Kippur War Sadat, Yom Kippur War in prophecy Hebrews 9:24-25
#31-181 The Eisenhower Doctrine The Eisenhower Doctrine in prophecy Genesis 3:5
#31-182 Camp David Camp David Accords in prophecy Daniel 2:42
#31-183 Mecca's Arafat God's role for Mecca and the Hajj Genesis 21:14-16
#31-184 The Night Visions What the alleged Temple Mount "ascension into heaven" of Muhammed has to do with the Oslo Peace Accords Daniel 2:19
#31-185 Ford's Nasser Henry Ford's Motor Co. in bible prophecy Daniel 12:5-6
#31-186 Wheels of Firestone The Ford and Firestone divorce in prophecy Daniel 7:9
#31-187 Akron Understanding "wheels as burning fire" Daniel 7:8-9
#31-188 Voice of America The Voice of America in prophecy Daniel 7:8-9
#31-189 Liberia The Lord's reasons for Liberia John 8:32
#31-190 Under Buddha's Tree Buddha's life in prophecy Genesis 3:6-7
#31-191 Budapest Enlightenment Why America's light was Buddha's light John 3:19
#31-192 Falun Gong Falun Gong in prophecy 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4
#31-193 The Sanskrit Bomb God's reason for Oppenheimer's Hinduism Daniel 12:5-6
#31-194 Mogul India God's purpose for the Mongol rule of India Daniel 2:38-39
#31-195 East India, West India God's purpose for the British rule of India Revelation 17:08
#31-196 Amritsar Massacre Amritsar Massacre and Gandhi in prophecy Acts 17:6-7
#31-197 Battles of Jhelum River Why God ordained India/Pakistan to be the 6th/7th nuclear powers Daniel 8:9
#31-198 Kashmir The conflict over Kashmir in prophecy Daniel 12:5-8
#31-199 The Nuclear Gandhi India in bible prophecy Revelation 17:8-11
#31-200 The Tashkent Agreement Indo-Pakistan War of 1965 in prophecy Daniel 12:6-8
#31-201 New Empress of India God's purpose for the January 26, 2001, West India earthquake Revelation 14:13
#31-202 Red Jewels Why Nehru's name meant "Red Jewel" Malachi 3:17
#31-203 Birthing Bangladesh The Lord's purpose for Bangladesh Revelation 17:8-11
#31-204 India's Kennedys Why God ordained three Gandhi assassinations Malachi 3:17
#31-205 Ulster St. Patrick in prophecy and why Daniel 12:6-8
#31-206 Shadowlands Why C.S. Lewis died when John Kennedy died Psalm 91:1
#31-207 Flight of the Earls King James' Plantation of Ulster Galations 1:9
#31-208 King James' Version The error of the gospel of King James I Galations 1:9
#31-209 Battle of the Boyne Battle of the Boyne in prophecy Daniel 12:5-6
#31-210 The Act of Union Robert Kennedy's death in prophecy Revelation 17:8
#31-211 The Potato Famine Irish potato famine in prophecy Revelation 6:8
#31-212 Greatest Irish Immigrant Why Ireland produced the Kennedys Revelation 6:8
#31-213 Finn MacCool God's reason for Sinn Fein Isaiah 2:17
#31-214 The Easter Rising Ireland's Easter Rebellion in prophecy Ephesians 2:14-16
#31-215 The Irish Free State Why God created the Northern Ireland problem Ephesians 2:14-16
#31-216 Easter Republic Why Ireland is the Easter Republic Ephesians 2:14-16
#31-217 The Troubles The Troubles of Northern Ireland in prophecy Daniel 12:1
#31-218 Abolishing Stormont The Troubles of Northern Ireland in prophecy Daniel 12:1
#31-219 Ourselves Alone Why Sinn Fein means 'Ourselves Alone' Isaiah 2:17
#31-220 Mitchell Report I George Mitchell in prophecy Daniel 2:43
#31-221 Profiles in Courage The Kennedy spirit in Ireland's peace Luke 3:5
#31-222 Good Friday Agreement Good Friday Agreement in prophecy Ephesians 2:14
#31-223 Cedars of Lebanon Why America is Lebanon in prophecy Isaiah 2:13
#31-224 Lebanese Civil War Why God brought civil war to Lebanon Daniel 2:43
#31-225 Operation Litani The Litani river in prophecy and why Daniel 12:5-6
#31-226 The Christian Phalange Massacres at Sabra and Shatila Daniel 2:41
#31-227 The Western Hostages God's purposes for Hizbollah's hostages Isaiah 61:1
#31-228 Iran - Contra Oliver North's role in prophecy Isaiah 61:1
#31-229 The Taif Agreement Lebanon's role in prophecy Isaiah 61:1
#31-230 Grapes of Wrath Israel's Grapes are Fully Ripe Revelation 14:18-19
#31-231 The Excellency of Sharon Ariel Sharon in prophecy Daniel 9:24-27
#31-232 The Way Out George Mitchell in prophecy with Israel Daniel 2:43
#31-233 Mitchell Report II God's purpose for the Mid-East Mitchell Report Daniel 2:43
#31-234 Grapes of Wrath II America's Grapes are Fully Ripe Revelation 14:18-19
#31-235 The Dust Bowl How God warned through the Dust Bowl Isaiah 47:1
#31-236 The Sanctuary Cleansed Camp David, July 24, 2000 Daniel 8:14
#31-237 Revenge of Nader Shahs Afghanistan in prophecy Romans 12:19
#31-238 The Buffer Zone Afghanistan in prophecy Revelation 17:10-11
#31-239 Elections of Nader Shahs Afghanistan in prophecy Daniel 9:25-27
#31-240 The Russian Invasion Afghanistan in prophecy Revelation 13:11-12
#31-241 The Soviet's Vietnam Afghanistan in prophecy Revelation 13:11-12
#31-242 Capturing Kabul The Taliban capture of Kabul in prophecy Genesis 3:4-5
#31-243 An Eye For Omar's Eye Why the Taliban's Omar lost one eye Matthew 5:38-39
#31-244 George Bush and Rambo III Why Stallone was born on the day George W. Bush was born Psalm 75:5-7
#31-245 The Land of Cabul What the land of Cabul in 1 Kings 9:11-13 has to do with Kabul 1 Kings 9:11-13
#31-246 Why September 11 Why God ordained the attacks on the World Trade Center to occur on 9/11 Revelation 9:11
#31-247 First Christian Antichrist Why the opening of the seals began with Constantine Revelation 6:2
#31-248 The Call of Ezekiel Why Ezekiel 1 goes with Revelation 4 Ezekiel 1:1
#31-249 Four Living Creatures Why Ezekiel 1 goes with Revelation 4 Ezekiel 1:4-6
#31-250 God's Departure Why Ezekiel 1 goes with Revelation 4 Ezekiel 8-11
#31-251 Idols in Their Hearts Why Ezekiel 1 goes with Revelation 4 Ezekiel 14:4
#31-252 Kissing Oholibah Goodbye Judgment on Jerusalem Ezekiel 23:4
#31-253 The Twenty-Four Elders Identifying the twenty-four elders Revelation 4:4
#31-254 Seated in Heaven The key to understanding Revelation 4 Ephesians 2:6
#31-255 The Sanhedrin The Sanhedrin's role in Revelation 4 Matthew 26:57
#31-256 Slaying the High Priests How Seraiah's slaying reveals Revelation 4 2 Kings 25:18-21
#31-257 Jaazaniahs Why two Jaazaniahs in Ezekiel 8-11 Ezekiel 8:11, 11:1
#31-258 George Washington George Washington in prophecy. He is in hell, as are his followers Revelation 3:21
#31-259 Ichabods I and II Setting up Ichabod III 1 Samuel 4:19-22
#31-260 Old Kinderhook The Eighth President in prophecy Revelation 12:5
#31-261 Defeating St. Leger The surrender at Saratoga in prophecy Daniel 7:8-11
#31-262 Treason at West Point U.S. Military Academy at West Point in prophecy Revelation 17:10-11
#31-263 The Headless Horseman God's meaning for The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Revelation 17:11-12
#31-264 Cathedral of the Spirit Richard Nixon's cathedral of living stones Ephesians 2:21; 1 Peter 2:5-6
#31-265 Churchill's Mother Why Churchill's mother was birthed when the Republican Party was birthed Revelation 14:18
#31-266 The Ichabod Church The Ichabod American church 1 Samuel 4:21
#31-267 The Hudson The Hudson River in prophecy Daniel 12:5-6
#31-268 Ruling From Trier Why Constantine ruled from Trier, Germany Revelation 3:10; 6:2
#31-269 The Seamless Coat Why Trier, Germany became known as the home of the seamless garment of Jesus Christ John 19:23-24
#31-270 Six Men, Seventh Man Why Philadelphia and Laodicea are the 7th and 6th churches Ezekiel 9:2
#31-271 Slay Six, Seal Seven Slaying the 'Church of People's Rights' Ezekiel 9:2
#31-272 The Little Season The fulfillment of the Fifth Seal Revelation 6:11
#31-273 Darkenings of the Sun The meaning of the sun turning dark Revelation 21:23
#31-274 Sun of Righteousness Eclipses of the Son Sun Malachi 4:2; Psalm 84:11-12
#31-275 The Council of Nicaea The error of the Council of Nicaea Revelation 6:2
#31-276 American Eclipse America's eclipse of the Lord Isaiah 9:6-7
#31-277 America Young Where and why in prophecy it is written that America would be young in the height of its power Revelation 6:11
#31-278 Harry Potter's Birth Harry Potter in prophecy Revelation 18:23
#31-279 Summer Soldiers The summer season birth of America Revelation 6:11
#31-280 Born on the Fourth of July Why America's birthday is July 4th Revelation 6:11
#31-281 The Harvest is Past The souls of men lost through the harvest of democracy Jeremiah 8:20
#31-282 Bread From Heaven Jesus Christ, Bread from Heaven Exodus 16:13-15
#31-283 Wheat From Hell The chaff, thinking they are the Lord's wheat Matthew 3:11-12
#31-284 Supper of the Great Quail Why God ordained that a man named Quayle was the U.S. vice-president when the Soviet Union fell Numbers 11:31-33
#31-285 Supper of the Great God America has its supper in preparation for God's Great Supper Revelation 19:15-17
#31-286 Great Slaughter in Edom Why there is to be a Great Slaughter in Esau's Edom Isaiah 34:6
#31-287 Babylon Equals Edom Why Babylon America is Esau's Edom Isaiah 13:10-11; 34:4-5
#31-288 A Robe Dipped in Blood Why the Lord will be "from Edom" Isaiah 63:1-3
#31-289 The Liberty Earthquakes The meaning of earthquakes in Revelation Revelation 6:12; 16:18-19
#31-290 Judging Antioch Judgments The theme of the Antioch antichrist church Revelation 6:12
#31-291 NORAD: The Cave Dwellers Why Americans are proud against cave dwellers Revelation 6:15
#31-292 Unclean Byrds Why the Lord ordained Byrds for the Virginias Revelation 18:1-2
#31-293 Cheyenne Mountain Why women's suffrage had a birth in Cheyenne, Wy. Revelation 17:9
#31-294 Calling on the Mountains Why the Jews were trapped between Germany & Russia Revelation 6:15-17
#31-295 Every Bondman & Free Man The bondmen and free men who take the Mark Revelation 13:16
#31-296 Two Seventh Seals The Lord's hidden seventh seal Revelation 7, 8
#31-297 60 Minutes The role of 60 Minutes in prophecy Revelation 17:12, 8:1
#31-298 Half an Hour of Silence Fulfillment of half an hour of silence Revelation 17:12, 8:1
#31-299 30 Minutes Fulfillment of half an hour of silence Revelation 8:1
#31-300 Four Winds of the Earth When the winds were released Revelation 7:1
#31-301 Euro Wind The American - Euro wind Exodus 14:21
#31-302 Untimely Figs The premature harvest of figs Revelation 6:12-13; 7:1
#31-303 Eternity Down Under Why God featured Sydney's Eternity on Jan 1, 2000 John 19:12-15
#31-304 Temple From Down Under 2000 Sydney Olympics in prophecy Ephesians 2:14
#31-305 The Needed War of 1812 Why the War of 1812 doubles with George W. Bush's War Revelation 18:6-7
#31-306 The Dawn's Early Light The Star-Spangled Banner in prophecy Revelation 7:1-3
#31-307 The Key of David Francis Scott Key in prophecy Revelation 3:7
#31-308 The Doors Summer is near, even at the doors Revelation 3:7-8
#31-309 Riders on the Storm Understanding Bush's angel, whirlwind, and storm Nahum 1:3
#31-310 Two Societies of Friends Why the birth of the Greek Revolution is tied to the same day as the writing of The Star-Spangled Banner Revelation 18:6-7
#31-311 The Second Patmos Message John's message, then Xanthos' message Revelation 1:9
#31-312 Dan Sickles The prophetic purpose of Dan Sickles Revelation 14:17-18
#31-313 The Perilous Times Those who fight for Life, Liberty and Happiness lose eternal life 2 Timothy 3:1
#31-314 So Proudly We Hail Babylon Hail Ezekiel 13:11; Revelation 16:21
#31-315 Sanford and Slave Francis Scott Key of the Bottomless Pit Revelation 16:17-21
#31-316 The English Drinking Song The U.S. National Anthem and the wine of the wrath of God Revelation 16:19
#31-317 Cassius Clay the Greatest Muhammad Ali in prophecy Daniel 2:41-43
#31-318 Cassius Clay the Berean The first Cassius Clay, Satan's Berean Acts 17:6-7, 10
#31-319 The Grievous Sore Unseen spiritual AIDS with the Mark of the Beast Revelation 16:2
#31-320 Laodicea's Mark The movie Philadelphia in prophecy Revelation 16:2
#31-321 The Plague of Hales Nathan Hale in prophecy 2 Timothy 3:3-4, Revelation 16:21
#31-322 Times of Treason God and Country vs. God or Country 2 Timothy 3:3-4, Revelation 16:21
#31-323 Hale-Bopp Evolution Why God calls the 'Body of Americans' the Hale-Bopp cult Daniel 2:42, Revelation 16:21
#31-324 Aids to Hail, Hale to Aids Understanding Revelation 16 Revelation 16:2, 21
#31-325 Review-The Two Witnesses The world's blindness to the two witnesses Revelation 11:2-3
#31-326 Clothed In Sackcloth Why Capernaum was the 'village of Nahum' Matthew 11:20-24
#31-327 Streets of San Francisco When Revelation 11:8 was fulfilled Revelation 11:8, Matthew 26:67
#31-328 Streets of Philadelphia The Locust Street Revolutionary War dead Revelation 11:8
#31-329 Halley's Comet The role of Halley's Comet in prophecy Revelation 16:21
#31-330 Putin Graves Why Putin at the new millennium Revelation 11:8-9
#31-331 Making Merry The world's Christmas peace vs. the return of the Lord Revelation 11:10
#31-332 Seven Thousand Slain The falling away of the remnant 1 Kings 19:18, Revelation 11:13
#31-333 The Seventh Angel Sounds When the seventh angel sounded Revelation 11:15
#31-334 Ending Greek Democracy The Papadopoulos dictatorship in prophecy Revelation 11:15
#31-335 The Greeks Seek Wisdom Why democracy began in Greece 1 Corinthians 1:22
#31-336 Ima Hogg Why Houston had a famous Hogg Daniel 8:10, Isaiah 14:13
#31-337 Blood to Drink America, the 'Son of Cain' nation Revelation 16:3-6
#31-338 Seat of the Beast 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Revelation 16:10
#31-339 Brussels Sprouts Brussels, Belgium in prophecy 1 Corinthians 2:7-8
#31-340 Scorching With The Sun Sun Yat-Sen and China in prophecy Revelation 11:15
#31-341 I Never Knew You God did not know the unknown soldiers Matthew 7:21-23
#31-342 The Assyrian Shepherds Alan Shepard and the Original Seven in prophecy Micah 5:5
#31-343 Gnashville Country Weeping and gnashing for those who love their country Luke 13:28
#31-344 The Day the Music Died Heaven rejoices the day the music dies Revelation 18:22
#31-345 The Rise of Bode Miller Why 'Bode' is attached to 'Miller' as The Seventh Angel sounds Revelation 11:15
#31-346 Sally Rides the Beast The Taft family in prophecy Revelation 17:1-3
#31-347 Temple Ten William Temple in prophecy Rev. 18:22, Rev. 13:1
#31-348 The Fat Lady Died Why William Rehnquist was nominated as Chief Justice when the fat lady died Jeremiah 8:20
#31-349 Coming as a Thief Why the Day of the Lord comes as a thief 1 Thessalonians 5:1-3

What you see above is a list of 90-minute prophecy audio tapes, each of which includes accompanying visual pages, which are referred to as ‘charts’. These constitute the extensive revelation, by and from God to the true prophet of the last days, of the prophetic meaning of the events of the world’s history, especially the events in the approximate 2000-year time period from the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ to the present day. These tapes with their accompanying charts reveal the fulfillment of prophecies in the book of Daniel, the book of Revelation, and in the other books of scripture.

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